Our outer lives are only as good as our inner lives.*


A bit of my story

In December 2015, I decided I needed to step away from self-limiting behaviors that I knew were holding me back - keeping me in a story of limited possibilities. 

At first I thought that I was seeking my passion or life's purpose. But eventually I realized that what I really wanted was much simpler and softer: I wanted joy


What are the stories you're telling yourself?

I had told myself a story about my life: This job, these relationships were good enough; things were fine, right?

Finding joy meant letting go of that old story and making space for a new one; a story where good enough was not good enough anymore. I began to act intentionally, focusing my energies on efforts worthy of me. I began noticing how the conversations taking place inside my head were impacting my life outside of it. 

And then I found THE KEY TO JOY: Connecting and sharing stories with other women who are doing the same.


It turns out: A new story

Before 2015, I thought I was giving my two boys and my husband the attention they needed. In reality, I was giving them the directions I wanted them to follow.

'Stories Are Medicine,'  my collection of writings, is where I share what happens when things move along - for me, my family and my world - without my directions, but with my attention. 

The Podcast is where, in partnership with SHE RECOVERS'S Taryn Strong, I talk with other women who are recognizing their own self-limiting behaviors and seeking their joy.

*Attribution. It's a thing.

I went to a state school with some wicked-smart journalism professors who were sticklers about attribution. (And compound modifiers.) 

This brilliant line, "Our outer lives are only as good as our inner lives," comes from writer Pico Iyer